Game Protection
Game Engine Protection
Protects the Game Engine Modules from leakage and hacking
Mono Dll Function Encryption
Encrypt Mono Dll Function to protect game code from decompiling
Mono Dll Struct Obfuscation
Obfuscate Mono Dll Struct to protect game dll from analysis
Il2cpp Encryption
Encrypt il2cpp code and metadata file to protect game code from decompiling
Assetbundle Encryption
Encrypt Assetbundle file to protect Assetbundle from analysis
Static Resource Encryption
Encrypt Static Resource file to protect the file from analysis
Anti  Cheat
    Anti Tampering
Detects and blocks all signs of forgery or falsification in the game.
    Anti Speed Modifying
Detects and blocks game speed modifying
    Anti Virtual Machine

Scans for virtual machines to protect systems from hacking and malware.

    Anti GameGuardian

Prevents access to the game's memory while game is running to protect important data

    Anti Debugging

Prevents debugging access to the game for dynamic analysis while game is running to protect important data

    Root Detection
Prevent execution on rooted devices for the safe behavior of your game app
3 simple steps to apply FairGuard game protection
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FairGuard Protection  Benefits
Game Specific Protection
Shell protecting solutuon,born for game safety, serves for a lot of games
Lower Performance Impact
Little impact on game memory and CPU, start time influence is milliseconds
Super Stability and Compatibility
Various types of devices around the world wide Devices by various mobile network carriers worldwide